Heart of the Quake — Dr Mel Venn

It was day three of our Everest Base Camp trek and a group of 16 strangers were getting to know each other… Then we heard a loud rumble, like someone shaking sheets of roofing iron. I felt dizzy and stumbled… only to realise that all of us were experiencing the same thing — the ground was moving under us.

Watch Dr Mel Venn re-tell Heart of the Quake:

imageDr Mel Venn

Mel Venn is an ACEM advanced trainee who grew up in country Victoria and adopted Tassie as her home. In her spare time she loves mountain biking, gardening, messing about in the garage, and is a #FOAMed devotee.

Read an interview with Dr Venn as she reflects on the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and the slow progress of re-building.

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