A time to die – Dr Sue Ieraci

Over more than thirty years of practice, I’ve encountered death in its many forms. I’ve had to tell distraught parents that their child won’t make it. I’ve had to speak to wives as they become widows, children as they let go of parents, and, just occasionally, be the only company for the dying as they lose the link with life. Over this time, I’ve created … Continue reading A time to die – Dr Sue Ieraci

Breaking bad news – Dr Michelle Johnston

We were never taught how to do this part. It’s only through years of trial and error that you figure out the best way of breaking bad news – hopefully without too much of the error. Sometimes you know you do it well, and others, well… One thing is certain, this long walk and the interaction at the end is a test of compassion. It’s … Continue reading Breaking bad news – Dr Michelle Johnston

On his own terms – Dr Stephen Parnis

I had found something that ticked all the boxes. I had a home, a team and more than enough variety to keep a generalist happy. There were plenty of opportunities for excellence. I even had enough time for a life outside of work. I remain very happy with the choice I made to become an emergency physician. I still love the challenge of diagnosis, stabilisation and treatment. I love leading the team, sharing the highs and lows with them. When I was training, the challenge for me was to become a good emergency physician. I think that happened somewhere along the way.

But now, there are other challenges and goals to face. Continue reading On his own terms – Dr Stephen Parnis