On his own terms – Dr Stephen Parnis

I had found something that ticked all the boxes. I had a home, a team and more than enough variety to keep a generalist happy. There were plenty of opportunities for excellence. I even had enough time for a life outside of work. I remain very happy with the choice I made to become an emergency physician. I still love the challenge of diagnosis, stabilisation and treatment. I love leading the team, sharing the highs and lows with them. When I was training, the challenge for me was to become a good emergency physician. I think that happened somewhere along the way.

But now, there are other challenges and goals to face.

Watch Dr Stephen Parnis re-tell On his own terms:

imageOn his own terms by Dr Stephen Parnis appears in EMERGENCY: Real Stories from Australia’s ED Doctors, available now from Penguin Books Australia.

imageDr Stephen Parnis

Dr Parnis is a Consultant Emergency Physician at St Vincent’s Hospital and John Fawkner Private Hospital in Melbourne. He graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1992, and obtained his Fellowship of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine in 2007. Dr Parnis served as the President of AMA Victoria from 2012-14, and has been a member of the AMA Federal Council since 2011. Following more than a decade in leadership roles for the profession, Dr Parnis was honoured with Fellowship of the AMA at the 2014 National Conference.

Apart from his clinical responsibilities, he continues his work in medical education & public health. Within the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, Dr Parnis has been a member of the Hospital Overcrowding Committee, and the Trainee Selection Committee.

Dr Stephen Parnis was elected Federal Vice President of the Australian Medical Association in May 2014.

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