A crucial truth — Dr Zafar Smith

What should I do now? It was after midnight. The patient wanted to go home to bed. I wanted to go home to bed. We all just wanted to go home. Some of the staff were saying, ‘Let’s just hold him down and put him to sleep.’ Others were saying, ‘Just let him go home.’

Watch Dr Zafar Smith re-tell A crucial truth:

imageA crucial truth by Dr Zafar Smith appears in EMERGENCY: Real Stories from Australia’s ED Doctors, available now from Penguin Books Australia.

imageDr Zafar Smith

Zafar Smith is an​ Emergency Medicine registrar working at Princess Alexandra Hospital Emergency Department in Queensland. He is passionate about indigenous health and international emergency medicine in the Pacific Islands. His Samoan heritage and upbringing in Papua New Guinea inspires him to continually work towards bridging the health inequality gap that exists between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. He currently lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and three young children.

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