Painting the floor with blood — Dr Michelle Johnston

Somebody somewhere has raised the alarm — reached out and hit the button hidden underneath the desk to summon salvation — but until they arrive it’s just you and your staff, and this demon.

Watch Dr Michelle Johnston re-tell Painting the floor with blood:

imageDr Michelle Johnston

Dr Michelle Johnston is a consultant in Emergency Medicine at an inner city trauma centre. She loves caring for patients and teaching, but studiously avoids meetings, and is terminally confused by bureaucracy. She believes that there is a beating heart of humanity, art, and beauty within the sometimes brutal reality of the Emergency Department, and she has dedicated her career to finding that sweetspot between creativity and critical care medicine.

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One thought on “Painting the floor with blood — Dr Michelle Johnston

  1. Once again, Dr Johnston brings us into the moment, raw and revealing, but with wit, heart, and soul.

    Thank you for giving us a portal into our own experiences, and that of our colleagues and patients. You are a jewel of our specialty.


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